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MMPR Originals ♥

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Yoshi Braved In!

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Stop it.

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I think teh gay one's Yoshi, personally

ASKED BY alphasapphirebrendan.

All we can do is speculate :D

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Wow! Looks like the boys of PR Dino Charge is surely hot, i can't wait for next year! BTW, great job that you guys decided to put a pic of TQG's Shin Nagahama as a DP here in Ranger Dudes. ^_^

ASKED BY godsofbluegodsofgreen.

I am a huge ToQ6 aka Akira Fan! He’s so cute with his black wife beaters!

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Hoping for Yoshi to James... or both

ASKED BY cryogonals.

Im guessing James cause he’s 2QT2BStr8

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Your all wrong it's obviously Camille whose the gay one (and damn it Michael)

ASKED BY bluetrainer.

LOL What.

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*already tries to figure out the possibly gay one*

ASKED BY cryogonals.

So am I as well, but Michael Taber confirmed he is straight on his twitter the other day :P

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